I saw the name of this site I thought Cruel Fan? Most of you under the age of 30 have no idea how cruel being a Boston/ New England fan was for a long time. For example 1967 (YAZ Triple crown), 1975 (Fisk Waving ball fair), 1978 (Bucky Dent), these years of Red Sox heartbreak even I’m too young to remember. Those years made 1985-1986 even more of a cruel joke. The Celtics had come off a loss to the Lakers in the finals. The first loss on the famous parquet floor of the old Boston Garden. The Patriots had a great playoff run, even a win in the (“squish the fish”) game in Miami, but then the Bears rolled us up in the Super Bowl aka the (The Fridge) game. Things did take a turn when the Celtics signed a big redheaded kid from Cali! Bill Walton would join the Celtics and we would get a title against Houston.

This part of the story is what I think of when I hear Cruel Fan and 1986. I was a sophomore in high school and it was opening day the Sox were on the road at old Tiger Stadium. So I claimed to be sick that day and was able to watch the game. Then it happened, the first pitch of the 1986 Red Sox Season Dwight “Dewy” Evans hit a home run to center field the deepest part of the ballpark. I can still hear my mother say “I thought you were sick” as I jumped around! Little did I know it was going to be even more of a Cruel Fan Experience. We made the playoffs and faced the California Angles were we made a huge comeback were Dave “Hendu” Henderson hit a Home Run to send us to the World Series. Now, you could argue how Clemens should have never came out of that game or how Dave Stapleton should have been in the game for defense in the 9th inning, or how there was a still a 7th game to be played, but the reality of the matter is that the ball did go thru Bill Buckner’s legs (He would have never beat Mookie Wilson to the bag). I was a 15 year old dishwasher at Jacob Marley’s in Newburyport Ma and watched grown men cry at the bar that night. This 2nd place video sums it up. That’s what it felt like to lose and be crushed and that’s Cruel Fan.

By: Brad Davis CruelFan.com