After the Red Sox laid a beat down on the Yankees for three days in a row, I was pretty pumped up for UFC 240 in Edmonton Canada. It was a good night of fighting as most Saturday nights end up being, either in a ring or in a parking lot outside your favorite dimly lit watering hole. Amazing how alcohol can give the same confidence to a near college frat dropout as a trained UFC fighter has before a match. Cheers to Monster energy drinks either way, right?

There were a few fights that I was looking forward to, obviously them being later in the night. But probably the one I ended up being the most interested in was Chris Cyborg vs Felicia Spencer. I usually judge who is going to win by the promo before the fight. I follow UFC enough to know some of the big names so I knew Cyborg was a beast. She was coming off a loss but still had a record of 20-2. That showed in her promo. She is just a relentless fighter. However, Felicia Spencer’s promo was deceiving to say the least. Even when she won the victories seemed unimpressive. She mostly was submitting women left and right. She was undefeated at 7-0. So I’m thinking well… Cyborg is just going to knock her out with some vicious combinations that she is famous for. That woman is all attack. Well, that didn’t exactly happen. Cyborg was able to land a ton of punches but apparently Spencer got ready for the fight by someone hitting her repeatedly with a sandbag to the face. Cyborg landed 138 of 234 strikes to Spencer’s 64 of 115. But it was as if the punches did not even faze her. Spencer is one tough fighter. She also pretty much looks like your average softball player athlete. Cyborg has the look of a tattooed machine. Spencer could easily go back to her office job Monday and no one would know the difference. Which also makes her dangerous. The only problem is that Cyborg would not let Spencer take the fight to the ground. If that would have happened I think that Spencer could have gotten the W. However, the fight went the distance and Chris Cyborg got the decision.

A pretty entertaining fight right before the Cyborg fight was the Welterweight fight between the 11-2 Geoff Neal and the 13-2 Niko Price. I thought this fight was a lot closer than what everyone wanted to make it seem like. I mean anytime two men go into a ring I feel like anyone can get knocked out. That’s why it’s so crazy to me when someone is such a heavy favorite as Neal was before the fight. Niko Price seems like an absolute crazy man and not like I would fight anyone that had ever remotely trained for UFC but I especially would not want to fight this guy. He enjoyed getting hit a bit too much. I really thought this was going to be the upset of the night. There were multiple times where Price stunned Neal with a knee. Eventually Neal was able to gain position over Price and it took everything he had to get the ref to call the fight because Price just wouldn’t give up. He eventually did call it in round 2 at 2:39. Price immediately pushed the official off of him to show that he was not knocked out and I do feel that the call was too early although the ending most likely would have been the same. Neal made sure that everyone knew that at the end of the fight.

Probably the most disappointing fight of the night was the main event. This was a Featherweight title match between the 20-4 Champion Max Holloway and the 23-6-1 challenger Frankie Edgar. For the most part this fight was boring. A lot of people will try and say it was a chess match between two great fighters and I get that, but to me Frankie Edgar did not lay it out all on the table. Edgar is 37, he probably only has a few fights left, although he told Joe Rohan he had a lot of fight left in him. In any case this guy needed to leave it all in the ring and I think he just got out strategized. Every move he made Holloway was right there making sure he looked like an idiot. Rough fight to lose in front of your son too. I feel for the guy but knowing that it might be his last chance at a title I’m sure Dana Whit’s thought he would go all in. Unfortunately that just didn’t happen and Holloway got the decision.

UFC 241 is the next big fight night I’m looking forward to with Stipe Miocic getting a rematch against Daniel Cormier. It will be held Saturday August 17, at 10:00 PM at the Honda Center in Anaheim California on PPV.

By: Ryan Collins