When I heard the news this morning I was shocked. I think I have been trained so well as a New England fan to just not believe the hype. I believed that it was all the media trying to control the situation and that everything was fine in New England. Tom would make the “decision” to stay and they would make another run at ring #7. I was wrong.

Tom Brady made this announcement on social media:

Now, I’m sure that there are a number of reasons why Tom made the decision that he did. A lot of speculation will be talked about for awhile about who made the final call and if the Patriots were prepared to make every move possible to bring Brady back. The team would have eventually had to move on from Brady I just did not expect it to happen now.

However these statements were made by the team:

The two things that undoubtedly make Brady the best is his unwillingness to give up and his commitment to the game on and off the field. Because of this he will obviously make a great contribution to any team. It will be very weird to see him play for another team but I think he still has a lot to prove to himself and no one else. It is obvious now that he wants to be part of a system that has established receivers. Will that be the Chargers, the Bucs (can’t believe that is an option), the Raiders, or new home to Jamie Collins and Van Noy the Miami Dolphins? Based on business relationships in CA and it being his home state I wouldn’t be surprised if it was the Chargers. There are some weapons there such as Keenan Allen and TE Hunter Henry that Brady could definitely benefited from. But above all else I think what everyone has learned from this process is that Tom will do what is best for Tom and as much as it pains me as a Pats fan to see him go… we have to respect the choice. I always believed Tom would retire a Patriot and perhaps they sign him to a one day deal when he retires, but it will be interesting to see him try and prove he can win a championship outside New England. Unfortunately I fear more likely than not he will retire without that happening.

More important than everything is the contributions that Brady has made to not only the New England Patriots but the city of Boston and the surrounding New England area. Many might say “Title Town” was built upon the shoulders of Brady. Certainly local businesses and restaurants definitely benefited from the parades and increase of business on any given Sunday.

The accomplishments of Brady are almost too vast to mention in one list. Like I said, the impact he has had is much larger than his contribution on the field. One of his greatest qualities is that he is humble and gives credit to those who deserve it but here it is:

6X Super Bowl

4X Super Bowl MVP

9 Super Bowl appearances

17 AFC East titles

14X Pro Bowl

5X All Pro


Ultimately I believe he would put loving husband, father, and son above all of those. A true class act. Thank you for all the great memories and surprise comebacks along the way. You are a true inspiration and have a great impact on why I love sports in general so much. Thank you TB12. Always my QB. Now go defy the odds some more.

By: Ryan Collins CruelFan.com