Breaking News: Tuukka Opts Out Mid-Series

by | Aug 15, 2020 | Hockey

Did I wake up in an alternate dimension? We are literally an hour and a half from puck drop for Game 3 of a tied first round series and our goalie JUST UP AND LEFT US!? Are you kidding me? I thought his comments about games being dull and not feeling like playoff games were pretty aggressive but I was hoping that would maybe light a fire under him but boy was I wrong. I had a feeling that his teammates didnt appreciate what he said, I know if I was busting my ass and living away from my family in a bubble I would be pretty pissed that my teammate (goalie of all people) said games were dull but never in a million years did I think he would then just LEAVE. I have always defended Tuukka Rask against the haters but I don’t have any more bullets in the chamber.

There truly is no way to spin this and support him and his decision. Every single guy in that locker room is away from their families. Girlfriends, wives, children, all at home watching their guys play and wishing they could be with him. We’ve seen players in other sports opt out for one reason or another and I think there might be a small handful of NHLers who opted out for very legit reasons (newborns, high risk family) but to play like shit in the Round Robin and then two questionable games, say what you said after game two and then up an leave 90 minutes before the game citing missing family? Nah, I don’t think I can be on #40’s train anymore. The show goes on and Halak is waiting in the wings, welcome to the playoffs Halak. You’re our #1 goalie now and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. I think Halak is due for a contract this year and since the other guy left maybe we just give him the rest of Tuukka’s deal. What a disgrace. I noticed the missing of his family wasn’t part of his rant the other day. Dull hockey, no fans, being out of shape, hating playing in August, missing my wife and kids…oh nope not the last one. What a disgrace. ***I will put this little note in here to save myself because not sure if you remember a season ago Tuukka took time away from the team and though no official word came out as to why, it was heavily believed that he was getting a divorce and that his wife and him were going through some serious issues. Enough to the point where he fired off a random photo with his wife claiming so much love for her. Because that’s what people who are in a loving relationship regardless of constant media speculation do. Anyway, even if that is the case you either opt out and let your team know the Return to Play just isnt for you or you stick is out, backup Halak because you’re not sharp at the moment. You NEVER leave your team and I’ll be the first to eat crow if he becomes the #1 again but that’s gonna be a no from me dawg.

Update: Don Sweeny speaks to the media

Don Sweeny on Tuukka Rask – “We understand completely where Tuukka’s coming from. I don’t think it’s any big surprise to us, to be honest with you. We’re privy to information maybe before the rest of the public is. This has been a difficult decision for Tuukka, but the Boston Bruins are in full support of why he made this decision. Give Tuukka a hell of a lot of credit for trying to persevere through this and initiate the process to come up and be with his teammates, first and foremost that’s what he wants to do, but the priorities are in the right order, and this is what he has to do at this time. The communication with our players is ongoing, knowing and asking how their families at home are doing, trying to be supportive of things that they may need while the players are away, So the communication is again ongoing and maybe had been building to a point where he felt that he needed to make the decision now rather than later on. He had been trying to battle through it. Mentally, as we said, this would be a difficult exercise and again, I don’t think I was entirely caught off guard by the ultimate decision because we had had conversations leading up to it. I think you can rightfully infer that Tuukka was having some tough time being away in this environment. And nothing against what the NHL has put together and the intensity of the playoffs. This is playoff hockey. I mean, let’s make no mistake about it. The stakes are high and the players are invested, and Tuukka in his own right felt that he needed to be elsewhere rather than being here in this current situation. He’s the same goaltender that went to the Stanley Cup Final in a Game 7 last year and taking a team, and he’ll be the same player when we get up and running again next year. But at this point in time the two aren’t related.”

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