Breaking: Rask Golfs 18 holes 48 Hours After Opting Out

by | Aug 18, 2020 | Hockey

This article and story was written today 8/18/2020.
This Picture is From – (Middleton, MA – 8/12/13) Bruins goalie Tuukka Rask relaxes before taking part in Shawn Thornton’s Putts & Punches for Parkinson’s Golf Tournament at the Ferncroft Country Club, Monday, August 12, 2013. Staff photo by Angela Rowlings.

Let’s just say that this blog would have been a little different had the Bruins ended up losing that game four thriller last night but alas here we are. If you haven’t read my first blog about Tuukka opting out of the bubble to be with his wife and three young daughters I would recommend reading it first because my position has only been validated. Jim Murray and James Stewart went back and forth on Twitter this morning in the most cryptic way two show hosts could, as seen below. Basically after Rask made his comments about games being dull and it not being playoff hockey he spoke to the team (allegedly) and said he’s out and he’s going home. They always say if you can’t handle the heat, get out of the kitchen. Well, Rask got out of the house entirely. Leave’s Toronto to get home to Boston for his “family emergency”, cleared up that emergency in 24hours and said “Today is a beautiful day for golf. Hunny, watch the kids. I’ll be back in eight hours”. It’s funny because he played at Woodland Country Club which for those that don’t know is an elite country club in Newton, MA. Woodland Country Club is the course that I caddied at for a summer and my old college roommate is the caddy master there. Pair that along with Jim and James’ tweets and it doesn’t look good for ol’ numba 40. When your entire team who CLEARLY disagrees with your decision but still backs you up as if they aren’t in the SAME EXACT SITUATION and then not two days later you’re out on the links having a couple of cold ones with your buddies while they’re still grinding in a bubble away from home, that’s some bull shit.

I said it in my previous blog and I will say it again, I was one of Rask’s BIGGEST supporters from the beginning. There’s something special about watching guys develop in the minors and come up through the ranks to be a #1 guy (in the league, never mind the team) that almost makes you feel like you went on the adventure with him, you knew about him first. That’s how I feel about Rask from watching him play in Providence in his early seasons all the way up to present day. It takes a lot for me to turn my back on someone and it’s usually when they turn their back on me first and all of this really feels like he turned his back on the team and the fans. Maybe I am being really harsh on him and that’s okay. I hope that I am wrong down the line because he’s an amazing talent, a very good price all things considered and the way the league is trending and he has been here since the beginning and I think that’s really cool but I cannot see a way for him to earn the room back and the trust of management and coaching staff. 

The Bruins look to close out the Carolina Hurricanes Wednesday at 4pm EST and it looks like once again we won’t have the league’s leading scorer, Pasta for that game either. We need to close the door on the Hurricanes because they have the ability to come back in this series. They are a very talented, physical and hungry team who just needs one chance to take control and they’ll do it. Let’s end this crazy series and get back on the straight and narrow. It’s Halak going forward, Pasta getting back in the lineup and Bjork never playing on a top two line ever again. See you in round 2 Bruins fans!

Rask could not be reached for comment mostly because I have no way to contact him.

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