Stipe Miocic Receives Unanimous Decision vs Daniel Cormier in Heavyweight Trilogy Title Fight

by | Aug 16, 2020 | MMA / UFC / BOXING

The unanimous decision was read and Cormier was not happy. The fight was scored 49-46, 49-46, 48-47 in favor of Miocic. Overall it was a battle of back and forth punishment. I thought Cormier did a great job of landing some punishing blows but it seemed that Miocic always had an answer. The late rounds were where Miocic really capitalized. He was able to get Cormier up against the cage multiple times, land a lot of right hands, and get a good knee in the fifth round.

UFC 252 ended with Miocic winning by decision and capping off the title trilogy that will result in him increasing his title fight victories to 6 (tied for the most in UFC heavyweight history with Randy Couture). Dana White said before this fight that the winner would be deemed the greatest UFC heavyweight fighter of all time. That is a title I’m sure Stipe Miocic is happy to have.

“How tough are both of those guys?” Dana White said. “Both guys got poked in the eye. Both guys got rocked. Both guys fought their hearts out. … It was one of those heavyweight championship fights that felt big and everybody was watching. It was fun.”

Miocic was very complementary of Cormier after the fight saying:

He’s a hell of a fighter, I wish him nothing but the best. God bless him. … He’s an amazing champion, an amazing ambassador. Love the guy. I have no ill will toward him. I know we had our little [beef] for the trilogy, but I think that makes it better.

Probably the most talked about part of this fight will be “the poke seen round the world”. Cormier claimed that he couldn’t see for the rest of the fight. I’m sure there are a lot of fans that will not want any excuses. BUT that poke in the second round did look deep.

Cormier has talked for years about retiring around age 40. But will this fight leave a bitter taste that he won’t be able to forget? It seems for now, he is content in retiring, at least if it is not for a title fight.

“I don’t think there’s a title in my future,” Cormier said. “That will be it for me. I’ve had a long run, I just fought for the heavyweight championship. It was a great fight.”

Love Cormier or hate him it is undeniable that he is certainly one of the greatest heavyweights of all time. His record and performance in the octagon speaks for itself, congratulations on an amazing career:

Something to look forward to is the barrage of tweets sent by Jon Jones who WANTS a fight with Miocic. It would be exciting for sure:

By: Ryan Collins