As the dust settles on the recent reveal for the much-anticipated reboot to the Call Of Duty zombie mode, we have been treated to a teaser trailer that has given insight into what we can expect on launch day. For those that have followed the zombie mode up to this point, you’ll know that it has come a long way since Nacht Der Untoten, with otherworldly meteorites, aliens, mind control and ancient pyramids on the moon all coming into effect.

With this in mind, it seems that the developers are planning to keep this theme alive judging by the recent trailer. It rings true of a military experiment gone awry and we can only assume that you the player will be the one sent into the depths where they have hidden these monstrosities to hid humanity of this curse. On the 30th of September 2020, Call Of Duty: Cold War would reveal ‘Die Maschine’.

A New Brand Of Horror Awaits!

Before we dissect what was revealed, let’s have a look at the trailer:

What we learn immediately from this trailer is that the events of this zombie outbreak take place in the 1980’s. We see Sam make a call to Gregori Weaver, a returning character from the Black Ops series. This is to inform them of the evil that has escaped from a once closed bunker during the second world war era. She urges Gregori to watch an old tape where we see German solider excavate a bunker to find undead soldiers seemingly powered by the purple neon glowing machine that lurks below.

Thanks to the events of this trailer, we can assume that the player will be enlisted to clear out this bunker with the first zombie map within this title most likely being named ‘Die Maschine’.

Wacky Weapons and Fearsome Foes!

Through the limited amount of gameplay captured on the PS5 system, we also managed to decipher what to expect when jumping into this game mode. Throughout this gameplay, we see a number of notable things, the first being that scientifically powered weapons akin to the Wunderwaffle return and they really look like they pack a punch too.

It also seems that you’ll have access to a lot more firepower outside of your own personal arsenal too. You’ll be able to call in aerial support to deal with large hoards, cutting them down to size and giving you a chance to regroup.

That’s just as well because enemies will come at you in higher volumes and a series of bigger, badder zombie variants make a return including mutant dogs and hulking behemoth zombies, acting as bullet sponges and really asking a lot of you in the heat of battle.

What Else Do We Know?

That’s not all the info we were treated to either. We have also found out that the zombies mode will be linked to the battle pass system synonymous with the conventional multiplayer and Warzone mode. Meaning that your efforts in the zombie survival mode will help you earn great rewards and XP bonuses.

Then on top of this, it has been confirmed that the zombies game modes multiplayer functionality will be cross-platform. Which means that all your buddies that own an Xbox or PC will be able to team up with you to help push back to the advances of the dreaded zombie hoard.

Here’s what some folks on Twitter had to say about the recent reveal:

So that’s our rundown on the recent Call of Duty Zombies reveal. Will you be picking up COD: Cold War on launch day? What are you most excited for about the new zombies reboot? Where you do think the story will lead us this time? Let us know in the comments and as always, thank you for reading.

By: Callum Marsha