Kingdom Hearts: Melody Of Memory Demo Has Dropped

by | Oct 18, 2020 | Gaming

With the Xehanort saga finally drawn to a close after many years and many cross-console releases, it seems that Square Enix has new plans for the series. This developer has been known for their outlandish attempts to change the format of the series such as the card game format in Kingdom Hearts: Chain Of Memories for example. However, it’s fair to say that no one would have expected the new direction the series would take. Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory is set to be a rhythm game of all things.

This title will aim to be the next big thing in music gaming with titles like Guitar Hero, Rocksmith and Parappa the Rappa all being able to find success in this field before. The title will have you navigate the Disney worlds we have visited on our travels in previous outings, fighting heartless as usual but this time, doing it in time with the iconic musical stylings of the series. Here is a trailer for the upcoming release:

Memory of Melody Demo Is Available Now

If you’re sceptical as to whether this game will be able to deliver the same charming and nuanced gameplay the series is known for, you wouldn’t be the only one. However, you won’t have to wait any longer to get a taste of things to come as a playable demo has dropped on each consoles respective stores.

You’ll be able to jump into the action right now and play through four battlefield stages in single-player mode. Plus, if you want to get your friends involved, you’ll be able to play two co-op stages as well. Plus, just to give you some scope, the full game will have over 140 Disney and Kingdom Hearts licenced tracks to play through, so expect a wide library of tunes to get through on launch day.

The game will also be the first Kingdom Hearts title to make it to a non-handheld Nintendo console, with Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance and Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days both being available on the Nintendo 3DS and the Nintendo DS respectively.

According to Tetsuya Nomura, the lead director behind the project, this is supposedly not a trend that will continue, so Switch owners should jump at the chance to have the wonderful Final Fantasy meets Disney adventure in their game library.

In the Key of Keyblade

It’s been almost two years since our last adventure with Sora, Donald, Goofy and the gang and although this game isn’t what we expected, it sure does look interesting. This demo is available to download right now ahead of the games full release on November 13th. So be sure to try this one out, see if it’s for you and enjoy some iconic tunes while you do so!

So that’s our rundown on the new Kingdom Hearts: Meoldy of Memory demo. Will you be downloading this one? Do you think this departure from the usual format is a good thing? Will you be picking up the full game on launch? Let us know in the comments and as always, thanks for reading!

By: Callum Marsha