dlc shadow of mordor

In video games, it has become increasingly common for a complete game to have more content added later on through the power of the internet. Sometimes it could be little things like gear or outfits, and other times it could be a completely new story campaign for the game, extending the playtime, the storyline, and the revenue of the game.

I love this concept, where a game that has already told its story in full now has a little more fun to add for the player at a cost lower than that of the full game (it is an add-on after all.) However, I very rarely play these. This isn’t a stance or a statement about price gouging, I just never get around to them. So let’s look at some Downloadable Content (DLC) that I’ve had an interest in but haven’t played.

The DLCs That I Own

These are the ones I’m the most embarrassed about. I have the DLC, but I just haven’t touched it. Like, I paid for it, I should have played it by now.

Horizon Zero Dawn was one of the best games I played in 2020. I loved the story and the gameplay, and most of the characters. The whole experience was incredible and I wanted to live in that world for longer. But then it doesn’t make sense why I haven’t yet played the Frozen Wilds story. I made the excuse that I was too busy with other games, but why can’t I just take a few hours and enjoy this? I will, because I promised my friend Todd, but I’m not sure when yet.

Another one that makes very little sense is the DLC for Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor. It’s such a good game. The combat especially makes me feel like the strongest guy in the world, mowing down enemies as they come, defeating generals, and just overall being the best warrior around. I have nearly all the trophies from the main game, but then I just didn’t even touch the additional stories, Lord of the Hunt, and The Bright Lord. I want to tell you that I’ll get around to it, and I want to believe it myself, but it’s been years, and now I own Shadow of War, so I just don’t know.

The Ones I haven’t Bought

These I get a pass on, I suppose, because though I want them, I haven’t spent money on them before neglecting them.

The newest of these is the Kingdom Hearts III RE:mind DLC. I was disappointed by the way the main game ended and I just wanted more. So now that there’s DLC, I need to just jump right on it. I’ve avoided any information about what the new story is about, but if I know Kingdom Hearts, then I know that it won’t answer my questions.

Final Fantasy XV is one where I’ve played most of the extra stories. I bought the Season Pass and played every single piece of content that was included. But then more content, that wasn’t part of that season pass came out, but it was a new dungeon and a few new gameplay modes so I didn’t jump on it since it didn’t have an extra story, but then, seemingly out of nowhere they drop another story chapter! I was frustrated because I thought I had all of it, but also excited because I needed more content…but I still don’t have it. So I guess I don’t know what’s wrong with me.

And finally, Dead Space 3. This game was pretty good. It wasn’t the same as the first two, but I still enjoyed it. The story ends in a fantastic way. You know, where you don’t know if your character is alive or not. It was the perfect way to end the series and say “yep, the bad guys are gone, but you might be dead too.” NOPE! They added another arc! In the Awakened DLC I guess you play as Isaac Clark again, so clearly he’s not dead. Sure, I might be frustrated that the game didn’t stick to the bleak ending, but I’m more frustrated that I haven’t played it yet.

So as much as I love playing all the content a game has to offer, I just never do play everything. Are there any games that you haven’t played the DLC for but want to?

By: Benny Uhlich CruelFan.com