Biggest NFL offseason questions?

by | Feb 21, 2021 | Football


The NFL offseason is finally here after the Bucs wrapped up a dream season and took home  the Lombardi Trophy in fashion against the Kansas City Chiefs. With the salary cap lowering because of COVID-19 and NFL players adopting an NBA-like mindset when it comes to forcing themselves out of a situation. 

There are a ton of questions that will surround this offseason and we really could see some massive stars swapping teams like we have never seen before. There have already been players asking to get out and there are bound to be some crazy trades. Let’s break down the biggest questions heading into offseason. 

How messy will things get with Watson and the Texans? 

Deshaun Watson has made it very clear that he wants absolutely nothing to do with the Houston Texans and rightfully so. This is a team that seems to have already wasted a few of his best years and he doesn’t want to deal with it. Houston says they don’t want to trade the superstar but could probably land a great trade full of assets with the Jets, Dolphins, Panthers, or 49ers. If Deshaun makes this a very ugly divorce, it could be wise for Houston to suck it up and deal with him while they have the leverage. 

Is Russell Next? 

Quarterback drama doesn’t just stop with Deshaun. Russell Wilson hit the media the past few days to voice his frustration with the lack of help he has received in Seattle. Wilson complained about how many hits he has taken and voiced interest in being a part of personnel decisions. While it seems obvious that Seattle should just make him happy, there is a guy whose job it is to make decisions and he probably doesn’t want his star player telling him how to do his job. Wilson and the Hawks will probably figure it out, but I imagine Seattle could get a massive haul if they go in another direction. 

Who wants to play with Brady? 

The Bucs have a ton of priority free agents coming up this offseason and while they look to bring those guys back first, it will be interesting who wants to come to Tampa to potentially replace them. There are plenty of vets who will be looking for a ring in exchange for a much smaller contract and the Bucs will show interest in them. If you thought Tampa was already star-studded, I imagine it is only going to get better. 

Is the Combine a Joke?

For a long time, coaches and evaluators have mentioned how the combine provides no real outlook on where players are drafted. Instead, it really is a media circus. There is no combine this year and if the draft goes well, maybe it goes away for good. 

How much will the networks pay?

This isn’t as mainstream of a topic but it will directly affect how you watch football. The TV networks will all renegotiate their deals with the NFL this year and it may get nasty. ESPN wants a bigger chunk of games and the Super Bowl and a bidding war will probably ensue. 

By: Matt Lively