Carson Wentz Gets a Fresh Start in Indy

by | Feb 18, 2021 | Football

Carson Wentz

The city of Philadelphia acquired a bag of peanuts, some Natty Light, and a whole bunch of nothing else for a washed up quarterback whose fans thought would garner a first-round pick. 

Carson Wentz is officially out of Philly as he was traded to the Indianapolis Colts on Thursday morning. It is a move that makes sense, reuniting him with Frank Reich, the former offensive coordinator of the Eagles who was crucial in developing Wentz and making him a quarterback that didn’t seem atrocious. 

What did the Eagles Get Back for Carson Wentz?

In return, Philly got back a second and third-round pick. The worst part of this trade for Philly is that they are taking a $33.8 million cap hit, the largest in NFL history for the 2021 NFL season. 

Here’s the thing, Wentz wasn’t going to be an Eagle the second he got benched for Jalen Hurts for good. Wentz is not the kind of guy who has dealt well with watching another quarterback take over his team, example: Nick Foles. So the fact that some Eagles fans thought they were going to get more from this trade is absurd. Philly simply had 0 leverage in the situation. The entire league knew they had to trade him or else they were going to create a nightmare for themselves. 

The Chicago Bears were reportedly interested in him, but after the trade was made it was revealed that they never even made a formal offer. I imagine that Wentz had a few team calls about him and Indy is the only one that made a serious offer to him. Reich knows that he can help Wentz develop and so it makes sense. 

Reich coached Wentz for two seasons. In those two years, Wentz looked like the real deal. Had he finished out the 2017 season without an injury, he would have won the league’s MVP. In 13 games, he threw for 33 touchdowns to just 7 interceptions. Wentz and Reich reportedly have a good relationship and so I assume this will be beneficial for both of them. NFL Insider said this of the two and what Reich thinks of Wentz. 

“I’m not backing off of what I said two weeks ago, I still think it’s going to be the Colts,” Caplan said during ‘Ferrall Coast to Coast’ on SportsGrid. “The reason is simply this: Frank Reich, the head coach, wants him. He coached him for two years in Philly as the offensive coordinator. They had a close working relationship. Reich thinks the world of him.” “He (Reich) explained, I’m told by Colts’ sources that once they got into their free agent meetings, this is a guy they could build around.”

The bigger issue now becomes the person Carson Wentz is in the locker room. He has been described by a lot of nameless sources as a bad teammate, a selfish guy, and someone who is not a leader in the clubhouse. It will be interesting to see if that carries over to Indy or if this trade is truly a fresh start. 

By: Matt Lively