Houston: You have a problem

by | Feb 20, 2021 | Football

houston texans former star jj watt

As you know by now, the Houston Texans have released franchise superstar JJ Watt and he is now a free agent who is allowed to sign whenever his heart desires. Watt has been a Texan for a decade, making five All-Pro First-Teams, being named the Defensive Player of the Year three times, being a sacks leader twice, and a billion other accolades. 

Watt was one of the lone bright spots for the Texasns over the years and now with the franchise seeming to be in shambles with Dehsuan Watson wanting out and the front office being more mixed up than a fruit bowl, it was the right move to part ways. 

Watt’s Goodbye To Houston

“You guys have given me everything and more, and I can only hope that you feel like I’ve given you everything I have,” he said. As for what’s next, Watt said he was “excited and looking forward to a new opportunity.” “Thank you, Houston,” Watt said after thanking his teammates, the team staff and the Texans owners. “I love you.”

Here’s what is a bit surprising about the whole thing. The Texans released him. Some are calling it a classy move on the organizations part but if we know one thing about NFL teams and their front offices, it is that they aren’t classy. 

The Texans have lacked a lot of brain power over the last decade and this sort of feels like a similar move. Why didn’t the Texans just approach Watt and say, hey, give us a list of five teams you really want to play for and we will make it happen? 

Where does Watt Go From Houston?

It isn’t like there isn’t going to be a long line of suitors for Watt. I would imagine that there are at least a dozen teams or more than will check in and see what it will take to bring him to their team. Right off the bat, you know that the Packers and Steelers will be front runners. Watt grew up in Wisconsin and was a Packers fan. The Steelers have both of his brothers playing for them. I imagine that one of these teams would have been more than happy to strike a deal for the superstar defender. 

Instead, they outright released him. The Texans aren’t really in a position as a franchise where they can just go around releasing guys that would give them massive assets in return. They don’t have a first round pick right now, their quarterback no longer wants to play for them, they have glaring holes on defense and without Watt they just got way bigger. 

Call it class, but I am going to call it a bad move by the Texans. Watt is worth at least a first-round pick and maybe a late rounder too. If you don’t go for picks, you at least get a couple of players in return. This is wild that they just said, “here ya go, NFL, he’s yours.” 

Houston is used to losing their best players by now so fans should be used to it, but this is criminal what the front office did. 

By: Matt Lively CruelFan.com