Could John Wall be his Generation’s Chris Paul? An All-Star Who Can’t Win.

by | Feb 21, 2021 | Basketball

john wall

John Wall returned to Washington with a king’s treatment on Monday night but he left as a loser. One that lost by 11 to his former team while his current squad continues to deep dive into the dark abyss with no potential end in sight. 

I feel bad for John Wall. Maybe he shouldn’t have been so ominous at the very end there in Washington. Maybe the Wizards knew something that we didn’t. Maybe Wall was headed for a holdout that would’ve put him in this situation regardless. But for the last decade since John Wall entered the league in 2010, he has been nothing but a hard worker who has dazzled at every turn. While he still has plenty of good years left in the tank, it’s starting to become a question of whether or not Wall could be his generation’s Chris Paul? 

He is the guy who plays like an MVP but always comes up short. Wall has never sniffed an NBA Finals and it doesn’t seem like he is headed for one anytime soon. They can both check off Houston on their teams list and it just feels like Wall was given the short end of the stick, something we could have said about CP3 with Oklahoma City last year. Maybe the biggest similarity is that they have both been negatively affected by James Harden. 

Wall didn’t control the destination of his trade but at least when he was traded it seemed like he had a league MVP in Harden alongside him that was going to go out there every night with him. Nevermind I guess. Instead, Wall is playing on a transition team with a roster made up of bones and old dudes under a first-year head coach who didn’t ask for this either. 

Even coming off an injury, Wall is still going out there, avearging 20 a night and shooting 44 percent. But his team has lost six straight games, one being to his former squad, and they are third to last in the Western conference. This was a team close to making the NBA Finals in back-to-back years, now looking like outsiders. Houston completely blew it up quicker than a Chick-Fil-A drive thru line moves through customers. 

John Wall Over Wizards?

Wall said that he is moving past the Wizards talk and he is focused on being a Houston Rocket from this point forward. But is that really true? This is the same guy who just a few days ago said this about his former team? 

“I can tell you one thing, I’m watching every game.” Wall said. “If I’m not playing, I’m definitely watching every game. I could switch my iPad around right now and I could show you I’ve got three TVs, like I’ve always had, to watch basketball or football all night long. That’s what I do.”

If that doesn’t hurt your heart, I’m not sure what does. But I do know that Wall deserves to be on a winner and one that will shape the roster to do so and it doesn’t seem like Houston is in that position anymore. Hopefully the best comes for John Wall, but right now that isn’t the case. 

By: Matt Lively