3 Under the Radar NFL Draft Prospects

by | Apr 19, 2021 | Football

NFL Draft Frank Darby

On April 29th, the next wave of National Football League superstars will hear their name called on night one of the NFL Draft. We all know the kind of players who are taken in night one. We have our Patrick Mahomes, Chase Young, and Justin Jeffersons of the world flying off the board with teams eager to trade around and find the best player available. 

But there are also the fun, under-the-radar players who don’t get all the credit they deserve heading into the draft weekend that are a ton of fun to watch. These players may not be household names in college or may have some serious doubts from different scouts, but many players of their caliber end up blossoming into superstars as well. In this article, let’s breakdown a couple of players who may be able to hear their names called later in the draft but will still make a huge difference in the league. 

Players To Watch For In The NFL Draft

Frank Darby – Arizona State – Wide Receiver

Brandon Aiyuk was an ASU product that played for the 49ers in his rookie season and made a huge impression right off the bat. Frank Darby could have the same kind of presence about him. Darby became ASU’s go to guy and a veteran on the team once Aiyuk and N’Keal Harry were gone, making him the WR1.

In 2019 he had 31 catches for 616 yards and eight touchdowns, averaging over 19 yards per reception. Darby can be a deep threat and make you pay on the outside but at just 6 foot, he can also play the slot and show off his burners. Darby will be a mid-round pick but can immediately make a big impact on a ton of different NFL teams around the league. 

Quinn Meinerz – Wisconsin – Whitewater – Offensive Line 

Here is one of the most intriguing prospects in all of football. A lot of people look at Meinerz and see a replica of Ali Marpet who has had an incredibly successful career with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers despite going to a D3 school. Meinerz has been mumbled around as a Day 1 prospect after having an outstanding Senior Bowl appearance. He was in the 90th percentile of nearly all interior lineman at his pro day and will have plenty of interest for a lot of teams who are looking to build depth. While I am not sure he can start as soon as he comes into the league, he will make for a great project for a team. 

Tarron Jackson – Coastal Carolina – EDGE

Coastal Carolina got a lot of air time on ESPN this year and had the upset over BYU, and a big reason for that was Tarron Jackson. This guy is a beast when it comes to getting after the quarterback and blowing up the backfield. He had 11, 12.5, and 14 tackles for loss over the last three seasons and 21 total sacks. He shows a lot of great athleticism and is a good project for a team, needing to prove that he can go up against the best in the league and win. 

By: Matt Lively CruelFan.com