Six Losers from the First Round of the NFL Draft

by | Apr 30, 2021 | Football

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The NFL Draft had a lot less trades and a lot less drama than we anticipated with actual picks, but there were still some very well-crafted moves done and a lot of teams made excellent decisions to go out and get their guys. There are plenty of winners and losers from night one of the draft and in this article, we are going to label some of the losers. 

Cincinnati Bengals

Listen, I am thrilled for the speed that the Bengals just got with Ja’Marr Chase but I am terrified for the legs that are attached to Joe Burrow’s body. Yes, they got some line-help in free-agency, but a guy like Penei Sewell doesn’t come around often and they passed up on him. The Bengals have Tyler Boyd and Tee Higgins and this wide receiver class is DEEP. I know it was intriguing to pair these college teammates up together, but this is going to be a nightmare if Burrow gets hurt again. 

James Robinson 

I feel kind of bad for the undrafted free agent who put on an absolute show in his rookie season. Robinson proved he can be the RB1 on this Jaguars team and was the lone bright spot on the roster in 2020. After taking Trevor Lawrence, they then took Travis Ettiene and I’m sure that doesn’t sit well with Robinson. If anything, he’d have loved an offensive lineman to help him plug the gap but they took a guy that will compete with him for the starting job instead. 

Dallas Cowboys

At the end of the night, the Cowboys got an insanely talented guy in Micah Parsons but the outcome could have been so much better. They desperately needed to help their secondary and the two picks before them at 10 were the two guys that they needed to fill that need. Then they decided to trade back and give their division rival one of the best wide receivers in the class who will no doubt torch the very secondary they weren’t able to help. Jerry Jones can hit on offense in the draft, but his defensive scheming has always fell flat. 

Green Bay Packers

This one seems easy. Their MVP quarterback is pissed off, they decided yet again not to help him out with a receiver or offensive lineman in the first round and it seems like the ultimate battle is brewing in Green Bay over who will be the QB in 2021 and beyond. This was not a fun night for Packers fans. 

Jaylen Waddle’s Family at the Draft

It is an exciting night for players and families that get to attend the NFL Draft, but Jaylen Waddle was having nothing to do with his once the phone call came down that he was headed to the Miami Dolphins. This had to be the top moment of the night. 

New York Jets/ AFC East 

I actually love what the Jets did in this first round and they are set up really well for the second round, but it must have stung to have seen the Pats get their guy in Mac Jones. After years of watching Tom Brady torch everyone in the division, the last thing you want is for the Patriots to potentially get a guy that will be better than the player you spent the number two overall pick on. 

By: Matt Lively