Dodgers, Padres Series is Breaking Viewership Records for all the Right Reasons

by | May 2, 2021 | Baseball

dodgers padres

Who else had fun watching the brand new Emmy-worthy TV show titled the “Dodgers v. Padres”. With 18 different episodes, this show is going to be dramatic, gut-wrenching, fun, sad, and sometimes downright infuriating. If you have a main character that you are rooting for with emotional interest, this is going to be a show that will be tough to get through without a beer in hand. But if you are just a casual viewer of this show, it is probably the best thing you can watch on TV for the night. 

Dodgers Padres Series

Seriously though, this series is everything we have wanted and more. There is drama, bat flips, screaming, home runs, and Don Orsillo losing his mind. For my money, I am really not all that sure what else I could want besides a massive fight. The Dodgers and Padres rivalry is real and it feels a lot like the 2003-2007 Boston Red Sox vs New York Yankees. I have written about these two teams before the season began and we talked about what got these two teams to the point they are at, but not even I thought this rivalry would be this good. 

Through six games, the series is tied at three-a-piece. We have seen the Dodgers absolutely dominate in some games, just barely escape thanks to great defense. And we have seen the Padres create late-inning havoc and come down from six runs to win it in extras. These teams are so evenly matched that it is hard to give either an upper-hand in any region. It seems like Fernando Tatis Jr. and Manny Machado play their best when they take on LA and that makes up for having to face a lineup with Mookie, Seager, Muncy, Turner, Bellinger, and more. 

The pitching is neck and neck with the Padres getting excellent performances from their top guys while the Dodgers have predictably had a tough time getting their bullpen to a spot that they feel comfortable with. All of this has created tight games, massive moments, and the unpredictable happening. 

I know that I am not the only one who loves this matchup because their Sunday Night Baseball game drew in 2.01 million viewers, the most in a game since the Dodgers and Yankees played in 2019. Fox Sports San Diego had its highest rating of a Padres game since they were given rights to the team, and that game came on a Monday night. 

On top of all that, you even have the players loving this series. After Tatis Jr. covered his eye as an insult to Trevor Bauer, the starting pitcher responded with a Youtube video that claimed he didn’t mind the celebration but thought Tatis Jr. stole the sign from catcher Will Smith. That video is 13 minutes long and had over 230K views. 

This series is good for the game and good for young kids who claim that they are bored by baseball. There is nothing boring about this series and we hope that it sparks even more excitement with another 12 games to go and a potential playoff showdown. 

By: Matt Lively