Bucks vs Nets Series Preview and Prediction

by | Jun 5, 2021 | Basketball

The Milwaukee Bucks and the Brooklyn Nets advanced past their opponents with absolute ease in the first round of the Eastern Conference playoffs. The Heat and the Celtics were never going to realistically challenge the Bucks or the Nets, respectively. Brooklyn with James Harden, Kevin Durant, and Kyrie Irving on the floor at the same time is proving to be an extremely unfair matchup for whoever has to take them on. Meanwhile, Giannis is playing as he should be and the moves that the Bucks made in the offseason are proving to work out pretty well. 

bucks vs nets

Now, we get to see these two teams battle it out head to head and it should be absolutely glorious. On the other side of the bracket, I don’t see Atlanta getting past Philly unless the injury to Joel Embiid is far more serious than we anticipated it was, so it feels like the winner of this game will be taking on Philly as a lower-seed. 

Let’s start with the Nets here and how they will play in this series. I want to start by saying that I think losing a game to Boston in the first round was critical to the Nets success moving forward. I am a massive believer in teams getting wake up calls when they lose a bad game and that is exactly what happened to Brooklyn against a Boston team that really had no business being in that contest. 

Brooklyn wasn’t playing with any urgency in that game and it showed and in the next two outings, they played very full games where their stars were playing until the very end and it felt like they could not miss a single shot. The biggest advantage that this team has is their insanely talented backcourt and I am eager to see if the Bucks can match up well enough to take care of business.

Even with Jrue Holiday serving as one of the top perimeter defenders in the game, how much is too much to put on his plate when he will need to focus on just one of the two guards in Kyrie and Harden. I think this will be the biggest strength for Brooklyn, using their ball handlers to spread the floor and take their shots. 

On the other side, the Bucks have the best player in the game of basketball and he will be used in every asset of this series. The Bucks are going to need Giannis to cover KD, they’re going to need him to shoot upwards of 25 times a night and he really is going to be the player that we consistently see in the regular season multiplied by seven. I would imagine you will see a ton of pick and roll action with Giannis in this series. 

Bucks vs Nets Series Prediction

I think this will be one of the more epic non conference finals series that we have ever seen in the game, with both of these teams truly being worthy of the one seed in the conference. But with that being said, one team has far more weapons and we can’t overlook that. Nets in 7

By: Matt Lively CruelFan.com