Top 5 NFL Free Agents still available

by | Jun 26, 2021 | Football

nfl free agent todd gurley

The NFL offseason is coming to a close as mini-camps and OTA’s are underway and players are back in the facilities and working with their teams. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any NFL free agents available who are still looking for squads and have plenty of talent. Some of the best free agent pickups come just months or weeks before the season begins or training camp is here and there are a lot of players teams should be looking out for.

Top NFL Free Agents

Here’s a list of the top NFL free agents still looking for homes. 

Richard Sherman – CB

Sherman must be taking his time deciding on a new team because there are plenty of secondaries that would be happy to have his services. Sherman may not be the same “Legion of Boom” that gave him his reputation but he is still a productive cornerback and one that will be good for a young secondary. He has long been a thorn in the side of many high quality receivers. Sherman could potentially return to Seattle, play for the Jets with his old DC Robert Saleh as the head coach, or maybe even head to New Orleans where they have a need for him and a brilliant head coach. 

Mitchell Schwartz – OL 

Someone will have to take a chance on nfl free agent Mitchell Schwartz who was one of the top offensive lineman in the league who protected Patrick Mahomes over the last few years. He injured his back in the playoffs this past offseason and will likely be down for half the season after recovering from surgery. While he could retire, there are a long list of teams that would jump at the idea of signing a player of his caliber. 

Russell Okung – OL 

Some lineman age really well and Okung is one of those guys who has played for 11 years for four different teams and has always filled in nicely wherever he has gone. There are plenty of teams that have a need for a veteran like offensive lineman. Okung is above-average in every aspect of his game and is a veteran presence that could easily help a team hoping to have a mentor on their O-line. The Colts and the Vikings could use a guy like Okung to be a solid veteran voice and also be a stop-gap until a younger player comes along. 

Melvin Ingram III- EDGE

Ingram was nearly labeled a bust during his rookie contract but he made up for that with a really strong showing with the Chargers on his second contract. It seemed like he was holding out hope for another big deal with the Bolts until they locked up Joey Bosa. EDGE has become one of the most valuable positions in the NFL and Ingram is an above average guy who can start immediately for any team that brings him in. The Chiefs would be a great spot for him to land. 

Todd Gurley – RB

Gurley is the ultimate example of the running back position being one that declines very quickly but we are talking about the offensive player of the year in 2017, a Pro Bowler in 2018, and a player who is just 26-years-old. He definitely is a top NFL free agent when healthy. Injuries have not helped Gurley but teams always need an excess of running backs and why not sign him? He can be a great addition to any backfield and can greatly help young rookies learn the fast pace of the NFL.

By: Matt Lively