MLB All-Star Snubs

by | Jul 13, 2021 | Baseball

mlb all-star

The MLB All-Star roster has been announced and the Home Run Derby lineup is complete. The All-Star break is always a really fun time in the MLB and it is exciting to see favorite players enter the game. But at the same time, it can be infuriating to watch your favorite players be left out of the game. There are guys that legitimately deserve to be recognized as an MLB All-Star but because of the voting system and the “popularity contest” aspect of it, they are left out. 

Not on this list. We are going to recognize the guys that were completely screwed over and shouldn’t be. 

JP Crawford – Shortstop – Seattle Mariners 

The Mariners have been a really fun team to watch this season and  JP Crawford is a big reason for that. He is a gold glove shortstop right now who is saving nearly 8 runs above average on the season. On top of that, he is batting .283. If this guy was playing in a city not named Seattle, he would likely be much higher up on the list. 

Max Scherzer – Starting Pitcher – Washington Nationals

After the sticky stuff fiasco, I am even more in favor of voting Scherzer into the MLB All-Star game. The righty might be moved at the deadline, but he still has the fifth-best ERA in the league and the fourth-best WHIP. Hitters have a  .179 average against him, which ranks sixth in the league. Seriously, how the hell was he not an MLB All-Star? 

Alex Verdugo – Outfield – Boston Red Sox

I am personally upset with Red Sox fans for this one. After all the debate has weighed on about if Verdugo would be good enough as the guy who was gotten back in return of Mookie Betts, the fans couldn’t have their guys back. Verdugo is becoming a star in Boston and making us forget what we miss in Mookie and is even having a better season. I wish Verdugo could have made this team and shown the national stage exactly who he is. 

Tyler Glasnow – Starting Pitcher – Tampa Bay Rays

I know this is a weird pick because he’s hurt, but I still wish Glasnow would have been selected for the team. He has now missed what equates to three starts since he was diagnosed with an injured UCL but he was the Cy Young leader on his way out. Of course, his spot would have been replaced but he deserves to have the honor next to his name after his dominant start. 

Manny Machado – Third Baseman – San Diego Padres

We all love to rave about Fernando Tatis Jr., and I am one of those people, but it is hard to overlook why Machado is so damn important. He has the second highest WAR among NL third baseman at 2.5 and has the second highest OPS among all third baseman in the national league. Machado is the veteran that the team needs and doesn’t always get the credit he probably deserves. 

By: Matt Lively