Red Sox Nab Five All-Star Selections

by | Jul 13, 2021 | Baseball

red sox all-stars

The Boston Red Sox have had an unprecedented season. While most in the national media sphere chose them to finish in fourth-place behind the Toronto Blue Jays and watch the Yankees win the World Series, the Red Sox have flipped the script and are multiple games ahead of the Tampa Bay Rays in the American League East as they head for the All-Star break. 

The Sox have not just been good this season, but they have been fun and scrappy. They resemble a team that looks a lot like the ones from 2013 and 2018. The 2013 team was one that didn’t have the main suspects you’d expect but still got the job done at the end of the day. The 2018 team had a swagger about them, that no matter how many runs they were down or how bad it looked, they got the job done. This Sox team seems to have a mix of both. 

Red Sox All-Stars

They were rewarded nicely with five different All-Star selections. Rafael Devers, Xander Bogaerts, JD Martinex, Nathan Eovaldi, and Matt Barnes are all headed to Colorado next week to participate. For Devers, Barnes, and Eovaldi, it is their first trip to the Mid-Summer Classic. 

The left side of the infield is completely covered by Red Sox players who are starting. It is the first time in the Red Sox history that they’ll boast both the starting third baseman and shortstop. At this point, I am ready to name Xander Bogaerts as the greatest Red Sox shortstop to ever live, by the way. 

Rafael Devers

Devers has exploded this season. On offense, he is crushing the ball with a .285 average, 20 home runs, and 68 RBIs. On defense, he has improved as well. Despite a slow start, Raffy is now 2 runs saved above average. In his last full season, Devers was -4. He is growing as a player, and people are noticing. 

Xander Bogaerts

Bogey is doing what he always does. He is one of the most underrated players in the game, and this year he is .326 with a .928 OPS and is on-pace for a nearly 30 home runs season with 100 RBIs. 

JD Martinez

For Martinez, the video is back and thank god. JD is crushing the ball yet again. He has a 2.5 WAR as a DH and has already belted 17 home runs. He is slugging .553 right now and has even made some excellent defensive plays when he’s put out there. In the outfield, he is one runs saved above average. 

Nathan Eovaldi + Matt Barnes

Eovaldi has been maybe the only truly consistent starter so far this season. He has a 2.6 WAR and a WHIP that is at 1.19. Sure, this isn’t a Degrom type stat line, but you know what you’re getting with Nasty Nate and that’s a massive benefit. Barnes has been the same way, he is maybe the most consistent and reliable closer in baseball right now. He has a .865 WHIP and has allowed just 11 runs in 37 innings pitched so far this season. 

Of course, we have to pour one out for Alex Verdugo who was absolutely snubbed and I won’t hear anything different. But this is a great sign for the Sox who haven’t had five All-Stars since 2018, and that worked out pretty well. 

By: Matt Lively