Best games to watch, best bet for College Football Week 11

by | Nov 13, 2021 | Football

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The College Football Playoff committee has spoken and once again, I am disappointed. I have fully given up hope that Cincinnati will ever sniff the Top 4 and that is fine. It is what it is. If I continue to voice my anger, my doctors will tell me that I have to just stop watching college football altogether. Cincy is coming off a tough performance against a Tulsa team that is actually much better than people want to admit. Meanwhile, Michigan State was bounced after Purdue took down another victim. 

As it stands now, there are very few teams that can actually be trusted. Right now on my list of teams that I trust with my life, we have: 


End of list. 

I honestly don’t know what to make of the rest of the college football scene. I guess there is some stock in Alabama and every so often they lose a couple of games, but this Crimson Tide squad doesn’t have me emptying my bankroll into them in Vegas. We have had weird teams like Wake Forest and Iowa hover around the top ranks and then immediately prove who they are in a very loud way thanks to a couple of really bad losses. 

Week 11 should be fun. There are a lot of important games as it relates to the playoff and the Big 10 and the Big 12 are right in the middle of the conversation. Let’s take a look at two games that are very important for the CFP. 

6. Michigan vs Penn State

The Nittany Lions have lost three of four games, but man it would be fun to watch them bounce Michigan and cause even more chaos in the rankings. I still like MSU over Michigan but I like Ohio State more than both of them. This game really can’t help Michigan in the rankings but it can certainly kill them. Playing in Happy Valley is never easy and the Nittany Lions have two straight wins over Michigan. 

8. Oklahoma vs 13. Baylor 

Baylor lost to unranked TCU and fell just one spot. That tells me that this CFP is planning on elevating Oklahoma drastically if they win this game. They needed an excuse for Oklahoma to look better than they really are and playing a Top 15 certainly helps their case. Baylor has had a messy week with one of their top recruiters leaving and I think there is a lot going on for them to bounce back this quickly against a really good QB and a team that is being disrespected a ton down the stretch. I like Oklahoma in this spot, even on the road. The UT win doesn’t look as impressive for Baylor anymore, and this could just be way too much for them to handle. 

Bet College Football Bet of the Week

Let’s do something off the wall here and bet on a weird team. Rice? Sounds good. They are getting 18.5 at home. I hate that a team that’s just 5-4, Western Kentucky, is being asked to cover that. Give me Rice. 

By: Matt Lively